After my wedding what will I need to do? You will want to register on Marsdell's Photocart so that we can communicate with you regarding reprint allowance, address, phone number, and other information.

After I book, what do I need to have prepared prior to my wedding? You will need to make sure the reception hall will allow us to get in and set up hours before your ceremony as well as to have 1 6' and 1 8' skirted tables laid out on the dance floor for us.

How long have you been doing weddings? We've been covering weddings for over 25 years. We started photographing weddings in the late 70's, began videography in the mid-80's, and added disc jockeying in the early 90's.

Your Package is so competitively priced? Is there a catch?  Depending on the market you live in...we often encounter two very different views on our pricing, so our package price is standard no matter where you live. In the major markets like Madison, Stevens Point and the Fox Valley...our customers ask: Why are you so inexpensive?  We started our business years ago from referrals from family and friends, and because we vowed to never forget how we started and where we came from, we never want to price ourselves out of being able to do weddings for the children or friends of the very people who gave us the opportunity to start and develop such a wonderful family business!

Your studio is between Madison and Stevens Point, does that require a major time and travel comittment to meet and plan our wedding day with you? Not at all, we travel to Madison and Stevens Point weekly to meet with couples. In fact, you save time because you're not constantly making phone calls to coordinate everything and when we meet, we discuss all your photo, video, and disc jockey needs all in one convenient session!

Why is the Package a win-win situation for everyone? Obviously, booking your wedding has now become very simple.  But throughout the upcoming year, you'll only need to meet once and photography, video, disc jockey are all interwoven into our conversations.  We believe you'll find that we allow you to enjoy your wedding day even more because we handle all the behind the scenes action which allows you to enjoy your friends, family and guests who have come to celebrate with you!

Why do you enjoy weddings so much?  Wow, what's not to love?  Maybe it's the excitement, the joy of two people madly in love?  Weddings are also like family reunions and we get to see friendly faces every Saturday as well.  Of course we like music and th e celebration that occurs.  But, truly, it's the people...and we're people persons!  Of course, a slice of wedding cake now and then doesn't hurt either!
Why is booking a photographer that specializes in weddings so important? Well, we cover weddings because we love them, and not because we feel we have to. There are a lot of wonderful studio photographers out there...but that doesn't make them a great wedding photographer.  Much like doctors...a great orthopedic surgeon would probably not be the best choice for heart surgery either? Because we average a wedding per week, our skills remain sharp and consistent!  Would you rather have a doctor perform surgery on you that averages once or twice a month or a doctor that practices that procedure at least once a week?

How did the Package concept come together? We wish we could say that we thought of the packa ge years ago as part of a vision or master plan.  But it was brides and grooms who asked us if we could provide a discounted package price if we could spend the entire day with them.  Yep, we think our clients are the most clever, intelligent people out there!

What prompted the slight name change from Marshall's to Marsdell's Pro-Image? Although we had been known as Marshall Photography and associated with Marshall Photographics and in the past, we've updated our team and name to better represent our entire package...which also includes our Top Spin D.J.'s and our Video Studio as well!

Who are Top Spin Disc Jockeys? When we play Christmas parties, New Year's Eve dances, reunions, anniversaries, school dances, business functions, festivals and other celebrations...we call ourselves Top Spin D.J.'s.  We simply blend our D.J. business into our Wedding package as a seemless way to enhance your big day!

Can I purchase my digital files and master video tapes?  Yes, you may buy your digital files and master video tapes for $200 after one year when your total reprint orders total at least $500 over and above the reprints included with the package. We don't sell individual digital files, but you can purchase all the master digital files and video tapes for $700 if you waive your reprint allowance. Your online album will still be available for all your family and freinds to enjoy.

I have friends and family from out of town, can they view my album online?  Absolutely, our online proofing/ordering system allows your friends and family to see your previews and order directly from us.

What if I have invitations or don't think I need my wedding videotaped?  We consistently get thank you notes from couples who didn't realize how much the videos would mean to them and their families!  But, our package works like a're free to use as much or as little as you wish.

I love your package and wish to refer some friends to you, how do I go about that?  Referrals are the backbone of our business, so we have a wonderful program to reward you with reprints/enlargements of your favorite photos.  Just have your friends mention your name when they contact us and we'll give you a $50.00 reprint gift certificate on us when they book with Pro Image!  We've had many couples who have had 5-6 gift certificates coming free from us before they're even married!

When will your website be complete? Our site is constantly evolving because everyday we're adding and updating it...and we've got dozens of photos being prepared, so stop back every now and then to take a peak!  In fact, we created our package concept at the request of our customers, so if you have an idea on how we can improve our package or website, we'd love to hear from you!

Do you take engagement pictures? Sure, we love to take engagement pictures and our sitting fee is $100. Included with that is one hour of on location photography, and a seperate engagement album on the front page of our website. We enjoy the oppurtunity to work with our clients before their big day, and often find that this type opportunity allows you to be more relaxed and comfortable on your wedding day.

Can a photo be submitted to our local paper from our engagement session or wedding? Upon your request, we will send one black and white photo at 300 dpi directly to your local paper as a convenience to you. All we require from you is the name of the paper, the contact person, e-mail address and phone number and the paper will match our photo with your write up.

We have a long distance wedding from your studio, Will there be any tavel fees? Pro Image covers travel costs for the first 60 miles from our studio to your wedding location. Any travel above and beyond that allowance is subject to a twenty-five cent a mile charge for our travel time and expenses.

I have a question that isn't listed here or answered in your website?  Simply go to our "contact us" page and mail, email or phone us with your specific question...and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.